Contact & Policies

Hello Thank you for reaching out to AMDZ TRENDS. We try to by as fast as possible to answer any question please email us at or at If you would like Facebook or Instagram is a great way to communicate with us. here is our username @amdztrends


Our company cell phone number is (785) 379-6138. Our Whatsapp is the same number. If you want to reach our personal line it is available at (785) 861-6464.


This company was started by Andres Munoz & His Wife in order to help people find good products at good prices. We are new at this and we want to provide the best options for you to shop with good deliveries. Due to Covid-19 we thought it would be good to start this page however shippers are struggling to meet demands. We promise you to work with the best suppliers possible. 

If your product does not get there in time you get your money back! We guarantee it!


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